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Do you suspect that someone in your environment or yourself has / have brain damage? Use the translated Dutch national list of alerts:


  • Does it involve an adult?

Download the PDF 'List of Alert -Adults' :

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List of Alerts - Adults.pdf
PDF bestand [184.3 KB]


  • Does it involve a child or teen?

Download the PDF: 'List of Alerts - Children and teens'

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List of Alerts - Children and teens.pdf
PDF bestand [329.2 KB]


  • Are you a caregiver?

Download the PDF: 'List of Alerts - Caregivers'

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List of Alerts - Caregivers.pdf
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Stroop experiment

Do your brains do what you want them to do? Name the colors that you see, and keep up the pace ... do not appoint what you read. The real test is much longer and therefore more difficult to be consistent. It is called the Stroop experiment after its creator John Ridley Stroop.

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PDF bestand [86.3 KB]