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Contact us: braininjuryx@gmail.com (Note! not for medical questions, not for help. If you need help, please take a look on our links page)

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james lance
4 maanden geleden

I am a 2 year brain stem stroke survivor. The information on this site has helped my friends and family so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

6 maanden geleden

Thank you so so much for your site on brain fatigue . I suffered a severe brain injury , temporal bleed in 2003. So am sadly used to the very debilitating affects it causes.Frustration ,anger that i am not who i used to be e.c.t..You description is exactly how it is ,so another thank you for letting myself and others know people like yourselves do understand and care enough to research our condition .Take care and best wishes ,Vicki.

9 maanden geleden

Great video on overstimulation. I am still trying to recover from it.

I have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), in the context of lax venous tissue causing low blood pressure. The 'body panic' caused by autonomic nervous system's overreaction to low blood pressure, and trigger-happy 'fight or flight' system, causes overstimulation. In fact it can feel like shock and terror from your body alone, and any other sensory or emotional inputs can be just too much. It also causes profound fatigue.

Many people with heritable disorders of connective tissue (such as in my case Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) have this kind of POTS and get overstimulated easily.

Is this outside your field of interest, or would it be useful for you to know about POTS?

There are some websites such as Disautonomia International, STARS Syncope Trust, and POTS UK, and UK POTSies. Also the Autonomic Unit at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neorosurgery's website could be a source of information on dysautonomias.



I have an inquiry about your site. Who should I contact about this?

Thank you,


Monica Seet

Thank you this is the first website with a really clear explanation of what my embolic stroke has done to me. Even doctors are unfamiliar with flooding and I am sick of being thought less of because I feel unwell but look well. I am going to send the link to everyone close to me as it explains things so very very well.

Jenny Hughes

THANKS for really brilliant info/explanation about flooding,never seen that anywhere else. Please can you send it to headway.org.uk - they should do a whole leaflet on it.

I forgot to say in your form I filled in: after brain won't stop AT ALL, can't rest or sleep because brain on overdrive = hell. Plus brain burning and tickling inside and sometimes close eyes and see lacey effect, rhythmic light/dark from top to bottom and when very extreme weird dark grey (blackish) and brown/yellowish patterns, not like ones found on net.

THANK YOU! Nobody seems to accept or understand what our daily life is like and WHY we stay home lots.

If I notice any bad english I'll try help, will forget = ask me?! Send me stuff to read/check/edit?

Best wishes,
Jenny Hughes



I have a question regarding your website. Who should I email about that?

Thank you!



I am a right side stroke survivor, I saw the link to this in the group stroke talk for facebook, I saw a request to sign up to be counted but could not figure out where. I was going to give up because I've become frustrated with your site because it's confusing and I've lost interest but I wanted to leave feedback. I know there's a lot of info here and I'll come back another time to read again but reading is something I lost, I used to read everyday but I really don't read anything bigger than Facebook posts anymore.


Oh Lord ,
Help me ,too keep my big mouth shut
untill i'll know where i'm talking about . i'm i-s it's every-one else that's mad .


shit happens ,yesterday,i've got areally deep thought ,i whis i'll could remember what it wass roger n-e netherlands ,europe.


Hi there,

I want to thank you very much for the info on this site. My dad has had a stroke and a paralysis.(hemiplegia) I didn't even know that there was a difference between left or right sided...
Tried to read all pages, esp about the unseen effects and learned a lot. I now understand his behavior better and can help him better.

Ann Keegan


I have a question regarding your website. Who should I email about that?



Nick Wilson

Hi in Feb 2007 I suffered a SAH caused by an arterial vena cava malformation . I struggle with cognitive and recognitive problems and in the past had other issues with sexual problems .