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Brain injury movies


We've chosen for a subject overstimulation/flooding after brain injury to make a small movie about:

It shows a two minute simulation of what sensory overstimulation feels like. It is made by someone who experiences overstimulation of the senses every day, due to bad filtering caused by brain damage. She lives completely isolated, in order to escape from sounds, bright light, visual stimuli etcetera.

Many brain injury victims experience sensory overload of the brain.

  •      sounds
  •      image
  •      light
  •      feeling, to be touched, move, moved, vibrations are felt
  •      odor
  •      own thoughts
  •      multitude what is said or asked

In overstimulation panic feeling can take possession of the brain-injured. Someone may be sweating, have tremors, vomiting, and thinking is difficult.

These are the basic reactions of the body to survive in a situation that is perceived as very dangerous. It is also called the fight or flight response. The one man shall flee from the overstimulation of the noise or stimulus of the moment. The other man will be out of impotence. Most of them are very upset first.

The basic emotion of fear and the ensuing responses are generated and directed by the amygdala. The amygdala is part of the oldest part of the brains, the limbic system. This system is a kind of emotional sentry. All that matters is survival. If there is danger, directly adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol are released into the body to flight, fight or freeze.

At the same time, the neo-cortex also called the rational mind will stop the mind from thinking. Because, after all, in threatening situations lacking the time to decide what the best plan of action will be.
A rapid response of the amygdala thus ensures that we can avoid the danger before we realize that we find ourselves in such a situation. A lot of people with brain injury find a way to cope with the fear though, but the effects on over stimulation -'flooding'- sensory overload- still lasts.

Summary: By overstimulation people are no longer able to rationally deal with the situation. Fear prevails and the amygdala creates a fight-flight-or freeze reaction. Fear can be diminish, but sensory overload can stay.

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