ArterioVenous Malformation




• An AVM is a congenital malformation, a tangle of blood vessels consisting of veins and arteries:
• These malformations occur very early in pregnancy (2nd to 3rd week), when the vascular bed is constructed.

• Because the malformations remain present they may, in the course of life, give rise to a brain hemorrhage. This is known as secondary brain hemorrhage; stroke by vascular abnormalities.

• A rupture of a blood vessel by a bulge (aneurysm) belongs to the secundary stroke, so caused by vascular abnormalities.

• The AVM, vascular malformation, may also be revealed by an epileptic seizure.

• It can also remain undetected all life.

• Approximately three-quarters of the cases will benefit from surgery.

• When the tangle is located too deep, is too big or too inaccessible, it is not possible to operate without damage.

• For such tangles a special radiation is possible. For more information see the website:   Toronto Brain Vascular Malformation Study Group

• In the Netherlands, a Facebook group has been set up for people suffering from AVM: AVM Netherlands











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