Saul Raisin

Traumatic Brain Injury  

Saul is the founder of the foundation in the USA from which the 'Raisin Hope Foundation Nederland' was established.

This foundation no longer exists.




On April 4, 2006, at the age of 23, I crashed in a professional bicycle race. The subsequent effects led me to endure a coma, substantial bodily damage, and a traumatic brain injury. My outlook was bleak. Medical professionals did not know if I would survive, and if I did, what kind of life I would lead. Miraculously I awoke from my coma only to enter a world full of doubt and uncertainty. Now recovered, I have created the Raisin Hope Foundation to help transform hope into knowledge. My goal is threefold:

1. Promote public awareness and understanding of people with disability as a result of brain injury;

2. Raise funding to support brain injury research;

3. Connect individuals and families whose lives have been affected by a brain injury with support and information regarding medical, physical, and emotional recovery.


As a professional cyclist I was known for Raisin Hell, now as a brain injury survivor I ask you to please join me on my quest.

It is my dream that, together, we can be known for hope for individuals and families affected by brain injuries.




My journey after my brain injury has been a long hard road. 

Four years ago I was visiting a children's hospital in Atlanta Georgia that helps children with brain injuries. At the hospital I met a beautiful girl. After talking to her for five minutes I asked her the best pick-up line ever. "Do you have a brain injury?" Lindsey told me that she was in an automobile accident when she was 15 and had a severe brain injury. She was in a coma for nine months!!! My left side was paralyzed and her right side was paralyzed. It was love at first sight! We got married last September 27th and are expecting our first son this September!!!* I did not think in a million years that I would fall in love with a girl that would understand and accept me with my disabilities.
*This text was published in the summer of 2015