Primary brain tumor


A primary brain tumor is a tumor that starts in the brain tissue.


A primary brain tumor may present itself with:

  • seizures
  • headache
  • speaking difficulty
  • visual difficulty
  • weakness
  • numbness


Types of tumor:


It is a slow-growing and 'relatively benign' tumor; phenomena occur as slowly and insidiously. They grow on the surface of the brain (or spinal cord)


  • tumor in the blood vessels (angioma)

Usually benign, noncancerous reddish-purple blood vessel growth that is caused by dilatation and / or tortuosity of blood vessels, such as a knot of varicose veins.

A red to reddish-purple, raised sore (lesion) on the skin
A massive, raised tumor with blood vessels.

- Strawberry hemangioma
- Cavernous hemangioma (Hemangiomas that grow in the brain cavities)
- Lymphangiomas (rare benign congenital tumours, involving both the head and the neck)
- Star shaped hemangioma
- Port wine stain


Glioblastoma Multiforme:

Meningeoma: grow on the surface of the brain (or spinal cord)

Pituitary tumors


Hemangioma:A photograph picture story of a hemangioma and how good it looked like after surgery: