Injury in left hemisphere


 File:Brodmann area 33 animation.gif

One person with injury in this hemisphere may have one or two of these symptoms, others may have several. The list below provides a summary of possible symptoms.


  • Sensory disturbances, weakness or paralysis on the right side of the body. Read more.

  • Impaired vision on the right hand side of both eyes. (hemianopia)

  • Speech and language problems (aphasia).

  • Difficulties in recognizing objects (agnosia).

  • Problems with daily activities, routines that used to go well (apraxia).

  • Reduced memory for verbal (spoken) matters.

  • Decrease in analytical skills.

  • Problems with chronology (in order of time, cause and effect)

  • Reduced timing and speed of skills

  • Confusing left and right

  • Difficulty in dealing with numbers, understand numbers and dealing with money

  • Become slow

  • Exhibit insecure, anxious and withdrawn behavior

  • Risk of depression

  • Chance of changing moods, easily overwhelmed by emotions


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