Disadvantage of complaints lists

Every human being is different and each brain injury is different.

Be careful with the bulleted lists of complaints on this website.

One person with damage in a brain region may have one or two of the listed symptoms, another person has multiple complaints or has the complaints to a greater or lesser extent. The location of the brain injury determines which various changes and symptoms are there.


The "professionals" observe and express their view of the patients in "their language" which may be very different from the language and experience of the patient. This situation is like two cultures with different languages and different experience.


Some lists sometimes do not reflect the real situation or conflict in which a person may find him- or herself after brain injury.

We are in a phase in the world of brain knowledge that the brain injured person more and more comes to speak about what life after brain injury really is.


The biggest disadvantage of the lists are that the person with brain injury and the environment can get caugt is a yes / no struggle about the presence or absence of a complaint. In particular, the label "reduced self-understanding" can lead to a subjective, painful and unequal struggle. The allegation is difficult to refute by the person with brain injury.

Therefore, we call for a thorough neuropsychological examination.