FAQ Day of Overstimulation

Question: You sent a press release to the world. What did you state in it?
Answer: You can read the entire press release on this page.


Question: Are you a patient advocacy organization? Can you also provide assistance? We have a client with severe overstimulation, where can she go?

Answer: People with overstimulation complaints due to brain injury who have a Facebook account can register in the mail form on this page. With their Facebook account they can become a member of our Facebook group, which deals specifically with these issues.


Question: We read that you have done research, can you tell us anything about when the results will become public?

Answer: Unfortunately, we can release substantive knowledge when the research has been scientifically justified and published. We do not know the deadline yet, but we are working hard behind the scenes. As soon as we can, we will post it on our NEWS page and through social media.


Question: We do want to pay attention to the day of the overstimulation, but also want to give a message. Can you indicate what that message could be, except attention to overstimulation?

Answer: Thank you for your cooperation! You ask which message can be given. As far as we are concerned that would be:

  • "Understanding starts with recognition ..."
  • "Overstimulation, an isolated existence ..."
  • "Overstimulation causes physical disability and exhaustion with long recovery, every noise, every stimulus can be too much."
  • "People with overstimulation can not participate in  society."