Injury in right hemisphere



One person with injury in this hemisphere may have one or two of these symptoms, others may have several. The list below provides a summary of possible symptoms. 

  • Movement disorders


  • Sensory disturbances, weakness or paralysis on the left side of the body Read more


  • Impaired vision on the left hand side of both eyes, as if both lenses have been taped on the left hand side (hemianopia).


  • The phenomenon of not realizing that the left side of the body or space exists (neglect) and/or no attention to the crippled side of the body (neglect)


  • Spatial awareness problems meaning the sense of space and time can be impaired. giving someone an inability to assess depth, shape, color and size and as a consequence gets lost.


  • Visuospatial problems


  • Often a person has little insight into his own behaviour, problems and limitations (anosognosia)


  • Diminished understanding of social norms in interactive situations


  • Language is often taken too literally and jokes and underlying messages are not easily understood


  • Difficulty understanding humour


  • Difficulty reading emotions such as anger, relief, sadness, joy in verbal communications (prosody).



  • Difficulty in seeing the whole or the 'big picture'


  • Do not know how one should dress and in what order clothes are put on (apraxia)


  • Fast, impulsive, and sometimes inappropriate behaviour


  • Tend to have little consideration for others


  • Overestimate his /her abilities


  • Reduced self-control


  • Irritable


  • Reduced health understanding

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