Grief and loss for siblings and children of a parent with ABI


We wish to give a special place to the recognition of grief and loss if your brother or sister, father or mother is affected by brain injury.


Who is thinking about you? Who sees your trouble and sorrow, or what keeps you busy? After all, the entire life is turned upside down.

Are you angry, but on the other hand you have compassion and understanding? It's not fair that your sister or brother with brain injury gets all the attention. Who wonders how you are doing?

Do you miss your former cozy family? Do you know not enough what's going on with your brother or sister? What is going on inside the head?

You have trouble to grasp all medical terms? Don't you know enough of what exactly is going to happen soon ... when your sister or brother is home again? Is it less fun at school?

Try to express your questions or anger by writing them down. Try to discuss it some day with someone you trust. But do not put it all away in a dark corner of your lonely mind...! Know that there may be help for you. Even professional help.


Take a look on the internet, for example the Australian site mentioned above or ask your doctor, find a neuropsychologist who also cares for the siblings and children of a parent with acquired brain injury. They do exist! We wish you all the best... !!


On this Australian site you can find a lot of information especially for siblings, but also for children of a father or mother with brain injury:

Siblings and Acquired Brain Injury - Fact Sheet



This site about degenerative diseases also has a special page for chidren and teens to help them deal with a parent who has FTP (Frontotemporal Degeneration) :

Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration