May 11th, 2019

Gold medal of merit for our founder

On May 11th the initiator of our websites, Ariana van Schaaijk, was awarded the gold medal of merit for particularly good work for people with brain injury. See our Dutch website.

The Dutch foundation BreinPijn plans to perform several actions for people with brain injury. For example, in June there will be a bicycle tour through the Netherlands to raise money for people with brain injury.

We align these actions by Foundation BreinPijn with our project Flooding.

Therefore, we kindly request that you make a donation for research on flooding. Our bank account is: NL14 RBRB 0706 3888 95 in the name of Stichting Foundation for Brain Injury Explanation. The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of our bank is: RBRBNL21. Please add the following description to your bank transfer: "Research on flooding".

If you prefer to donate online see the page on our foundation. (Please note that in case of online donations there will be costs for us.)

On our Dutch page about our foundation you can check the actual score of donations received.

Thanks a lot in advance for your donation.

June 16th, 2018

Just one week to the Day of Overstimulation

It takes only a week until we will have the International Day of Overstimulation again.


March 5th, 2017

Update on Applaudio!

The technical team used the money that was donated last year by our foundation to build the first version of the App Applaudio! They also  purchased hardware to test the principle they used. Based on this experience and discussions with experts, the specification has been refined. The next step the team wanted to take was the project that was presented for the ‘Hersenbokaal’ 2016. Unfortunately Applaudio! finished in second place so did not win the sum of 40,000 Euros. The result of this second place is that recognition of the need for a product was obtained and by this doors open more easily, but this has so far not led to additional funding.

Wherever possible, action is taken to further develop the tool and expand the contact network. The team hopes to be able to start implementing soon, but the financial resources must be available first. For news, check the website of Applaudio!


Januari 6th, 2017

Survey stopped

We finished the survey on flooding, but you can still check the  questions of the survey to see if what you experience belongs to overstimulation.


October 13th, 2016

Applaudio! achieved the second place for the  "Hersenbokaal"

We are sorry to have to report to you that Applaudio! became second in the battle for the "Hersenbokaal", the cup for innovations in aid of people with brain injury, that comes with an amount of € 40,000. Nonetheless we will not give up, but continue to look for a tool



July 30th, 2016

Project for development of a tool, named Applaudio!, nominated for the "Hersenbokaal"

Remember that we posted a fund-raising announcement here not too long ago? The project in which a team of experts is working on the development of a tool against overstimulation for sound now has been nominated (together with two other projects) for a trophy: the so-called “Hersenbokaal”. The Hersenbokaal comes with an amount of € 40,000 that will be donated by the Dutch Brain Foundation. Read all about it at, unfortunately in Dutch only. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

July, 2016

A tool against sensory over stimulation for sound

A team of technical experts is working hard to develop a tool which will enable people suffering from sensory over stimulation for sound, to participate in public life again. We will keep you informed.

May, 2016

May is Stroke Awareness Month

Recognize the signs of a stroke and act quickly.

F Face drooping?

A Arm weekness?

S Speech difficulty?

T Time to call the emergency number!