FBIE - Foundation for Brain Injury Explanation


We established a foundation named FBIE - Foundation for Brain Injury Explanation.

It is a foundation according to the Dutch ANBI rules. ANBI: 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling'. This means 'Public Benefit Organization'.

The tax authorities awarded us the ANBI-status. This provides tax benefits, also for our supporters.



 Information about ANBI in English


Some of the rules of ANBI:

  • Work for public benefit
  • The board operates with integrity
  • Not for profit
  • Policy Plan and Financial report is published on the website


FBIE data

Location: Utrecht

e-mail: braininjuryx@gmail.com

Bank account: NL14 RBRB 0706 3888 95 (in the name of STICHTING FOUNDATION FOR BRAIN INJURY EXPLANATION)

The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of our bank (RegioBank): RBRBNL21


Online donations can be done by PayPal by clicking the yellow button.

Online donations from the Netherlands or from other countries within Europe can be done by clicking the blue button 'GEEF.NL'. After clicking the blue button, click the button 'NU DONEREN'.


Note that there are costs associated with donating online. If you donate online by 'GEEF.NL' we will receive at least 92% of your donation.

PayPal charges 1.5% of the donated amount with an additional 35 cents per donation.

So if you have the possibility, please donate directly by bank. Thanks a lot for your donation!






RSIN (Legal entity number): 854924644

Kvk (Chamber of Commerce): 62701002



President: Ans Post
Vice president: José van Haastrecht
Treasurer: Jos Tusveld
Secretary: Tina Smith e/v van der Linden 


Compensation policy

The FBIE runs completely on volunteers who disinterestedly perform their duties.


Our main goals

  • Make available all kinds of information about brain injury, both about causes and about consequences;
  • Stimulating research into causes and consequences of brain injury;
  • Stimulate the development of tools for people with brain injury;
  • Help improve the quality of life of people with brain injury.


We try to achieve these goals by:

  • Maintaining a website with information on all aspects of brain injury;
  • Collaborate with manufacturers of tools and testing their tools. It goes without saying that we do not receive bonuses for this.


You can download our Policy Plan and the annual financial statements 'Staat van baten en lasten' (all in Dutch) here:


Policy Plan FBIE
PDF – 139,3 KB 1177 downloads

Staat Van Baten En Lasten 2023
PDF – 156,9 KB 78 downloads
Staat Van Baten En Lasten 2022
PDF – 158,5 KB 247 downloads
Staat Van Baten En Lasten 2021
PDF – 158,0 KB 414 downloads
Staat Van Baten En Lasten 2020
PDF – 158,0 KB 771 downloads
Staat Van Baten En Lasten 2019
PDF – 154,0 KB 879 downloads
Staat van baten en lasten 2018
PDF – 154,1 KB 1167 downloads
Staat van baten en lasten 2017
PDF – 149,5 KB 1105 downloads
Staat van baten en lasten 2016
PDF – 449,4 KB 1063 downloads
Staat van baten en lasten 2015
PDF – 106,2 KB 1063 downloads