Control group

As you may know, by means of a survey we carried out a study on over stimulation (sensory and cognitive overload) caused by brain injury. To complete the investigation, we have to submit the survey to people from a healthy control group so that we can compare the answers they give, to the answers that have been given by people who have brain injury.


Sensory over stimulation or 'Flooding' occurs after brain injury because the brain's 'filters' no longer function properly. It is an exhaustive situation when too much information is received (too many stimuli), more than the brain can handle. A stimulus is information that we perceive through our senses; see, hear, smell, taste, touch (external stimuli) or through our mind or our body / proprioception (internal stimuli).


It is important that you know our requirements for a 'healthy' control group, when you fill out our survey below.
It is not intended that you complete the survey at a time that you are having a hangover, or you have done too much work, more than usual. Please complete the survey in a situation of normal daily life.


Requirements for members of a healthy control group:
* No brain damage in past or present
* No oxygen deficiency at birth / CPR / drowning / poisoning
* No inflammation in the brains or meninges in past or present

* No concussion in past or present
* No whiplash in past or present
* No brain tumor in past or present
* No metabolic disorder

* No migraine or cluster headache in the past or present
* No surgery to the head
* No MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's or other neurodegenerative disorder

* No ME / CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Central Fatigue Syndrome)

* No highly sensitive personality (HSP)
* No ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

* No bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, psychosis in past or present

* No PTSD Post traumatic stress disorder in past or present

* No Somatic Unexplained Physical Complaints

* No burnout in present or less than 5 years ago

* No alcohol or drug addiction in past or present
* No complaints of hyperacusis (sounds that are too loud, sharp, excruciating experience) or tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

* No hearing problems / no hearing aid

* Not being in a period of mourning


We thank you for reading the above list seriously and thank you for participating in our control group!


We will not correspond with you about this survey or about the outcome of the study/ investigation. We will process the information anonymously.
Thanks a lot again!